Inspirational Settings For Your Wedding

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Many couples choose wedding venues for a variety of reasons: convenience or proximity, a scenic facade, amount of space to accommodate the wedding party, price, sentimental value, idyllic setting, majestic view and so on. There are many places around the world that will surely inspire you to say your “I do’s” in the most heartfelt way and contemplate on your new life as a married couple.

No matter which setting you choose for your ceremony or reception, what’s important is that it reflects what you as a couple enjoy–after all, it’s your special day, something you would want to remember even when you’re old and grey. Here are some great ideas for a unique and truly inspirational wedding setting.

At the top of a canyon, mountain or gorge overlooking the sea

For something that will truly take your breath away, a wedding on a mountain peak, canyon or a gorge by the sea will do just the trick. If you think beach weddings have become all too common, take things higher–literally. Set your wedding atop a gorge overlooking spectacular landscapes or seascapes and marvel at the sights with the love of your life.

cave wedding

Inside a cave

Of course, nothing’s stopping you from taking your wedding somewhere more…enclosed yet still letting you ogle at the planet’s natural wonders. A wedding at a cave chamber filled with natural light or illuminated by candles exudes a feeling of mysticism, and in a way you’re following in the steps of couples of the days of yore who sealed their lifelong pact in caves.

In an aquarium

Imagine having your wedding reception with majestic sea creatures surrounding you and your guests. Lots of serene blue all around and lots of finned wedding guests will surely make your wedding one to remember. The intimate setting is ideal for a small wedding party who would love to enjoy what it’s like living under the sea.

In a museum

For art, culture, history and artefact-loving couples, a museum wedding is in order. Museums offer lots of space and things to see, making them a great venue for weddings. Many museums are strikingly beautiful by themselves you wouldn’t have to do anything else. Some of the best museum wedding venues in the UK include the Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, the Foundling Museum, the Great North Museum (where you can say your vows beside its resident T. rex) and St. Fagan’s Natural History Museum.

In a library

Like museums, libraries have also become a top choice for inspirational wedding locations, especially for literature lovers who find endless joy in being surrounded by old tomes. One of the finest examples of a library-turned-wedding venue is the The Library at Combermere Abbey in Cheshire. Some 800 years ago, this well-decorated room served as the Abbot’s Lodge. It’s now a favourite wedding venue for book and history lovers alike.

A grander venue that’s been inspiring people for decades is the Bodleian Library at the University of Oxford. With dark wood furnishings and ornate ceilings, this location served as the university’s earliest examination hall–nothing like that bit of history to say your vows seriously!


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